Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Night

Emily and I don't have any kids, but if/when we do I can almost guarantee that this conversation is going to take place. Often.

Emily: I'm leaving sweetie, don't forget, the baby gets a bottle at eight, right before bed, okay?

Me: Okay. Um, have...have fun.

Emily: You know I don't have to wait up, I'll be home late.


Emily: You want me to wake you up when I get home?

Me: Yes.

Emily: What if I've know...a naughty wife?

Me: Emily, I...

Emily: Want me to wake you up my special way? Climbing on your face and letting you smell and taste what a naughty wife I've been?

Me: Yes.

Emily: Hmmmm, that's my sissy girl...take good care of the baby, love, I'll see you later.

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