Sunday, November 25, 2012

Second Best Ride Ever

Riding me. After.

Best Ride Ever

I could watch Emily do this all day, mesmerized by how far she can rise above him and still keep his cock insider her and by her reaction to feeling him deep inside her.


Look, his cock is already inside her yet he's still long enough that she can wrap her hand around his shaft and there's still more at the other end.

She's not doing this with her sissy husband, his little clit fits nicely in the palm of her hand.

Best Friends


At first he will beg her not to, but soon, he'll be begging her not to stop.


Sissies who cannot behave when their wives are out on dates cannot be left home alone.

Yea, I totally identify


She agreed to wear the outfit I bought for her, but insisted I was going to pay a price.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cock Training

Like a dog being trained to the lease, a sissy training to suck cock has to learn to instantly obey her master's commands.

Here, when master says, "hold," sissy immediately stops what's she doing and holds master's cock in place. It's a useful command when he feels he is about to cum but wants to delay. It's also good for showing how well trained sissy is.

Where do I enlist?

Source | Nylon Dreams


You don't need industrial strength bondage equipment to tame your sissy, sometimes just an old pair of nylons will do.

Friday, November 23, 2012


When a man wants to cum he throws his woman over a table and fucks her silly.

When a sissy wants to cum, she begs mistress to unlock the chastity cage and let her squirt.

I do a lot of begging.

The nylon covered female foot

A sight that drives a million sissies into a frenzy.

Wedding Bliss

She's excited for what's going to happen tonight, though her groom, locked all snug and tight in his chastity cage, might have different feelings.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Date Night

What was your first clue that your wife wasn't having just a normal dinner with a new client?

The lingerie she wore?

When she told you not to wait up?

The limo he sent for?

Or the musky taste and smell of her pussy as she hovered over your face when she woke you up when she got home?

I love doing differences

A man thinks: Damn, look at those panties, I can't wait to take them off her and fuck her silly.

I think: Damn, look at those panties, I have to have them, they'd be perfect to tuck and hide my sissy clit.


"Tight? Honey, if I can fit two of my fingers in here, I don't think you'll have any trouble fitting that one little sissy clit of your into this. Now stop whining and pull down your panties so I can put this on you."

Instant Awareness

It only takes a second, one touch of his crotch, to feel something big and hard in his pants, for her to know this isn't her husband and to realize, tonight, she finally gets real cock.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How do you react coming home and finding your wife is in lingerie, the sheets messed up, the bathroom door shut, and hear the unmistakable sound of a guy taking a piss?

Judging from the look on her face, she knows exactly how you're react and isn't the slightest bit worried you'll flip out (you know, like a normal husband would.) She knows that you'll take in the scene and whisper, so as not to alert the guy to your presence, "now or later?"

Now or later?

As in, does she want you to lick his cum out of her pussy now, before he leaves, or later, after he's gone.

"Now," she says, "he'll want to watch."

Perfect Panties

With the right panties, it's impossible to tell I'm not a girl.


If a woman actually offered her pussy to a sissy, if she actually said yes, I'll let you fuck me, she'd find herself with sissy clit inside her within seconds.

But when a woman offeres herself to a man, a real man, she often will find it will take hours before she gets what she wants.

Unlike sissies, men are not desperate for sex, they get it whenever they want. A man won't fuck a woman until she's ready, until she's dying for it, until she's begging for his cock.

Monday, November 19, 2012

He might need another drink, this is going to take awhile.


"But honey, you promised."

"I promised that if you were good sissy this weekend I'd let you rub up against me as long as you wanted, I didn't say I'd unlock the chastity cage, though."

"But I'll never be able to cum if I'm still locked up."

"I know, sweetie, and you're just going to end up swelling and being sore, too, so I guess you have to decided if rubbing your little chastity cage on my pantyhose is really worth it."

Oh, she knows what you're going to do, she knows you'll rub against her, she knows you won't be able to resist, sissy. She knows. Almost like that was her plan, all along.


Remember, sissy, you have the power over chastity, the decision to do it or not do it, you have total control, because she can't do it unless you agree to it.

You have the power!

Right up until the moment the lock clicks shut.

Then she has the power. For she alone decides when it comes off, hell, if it comes off.

She alone.

And you're likely to find that once she has you locked up, you'll be in it longer than you thought, you'll cum much less often than you'd like, because she knows this is the time when she is in total control.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The look of sheer joy a woman has when a man fucks her...

I've seen the look when 1) I lick Emily or 2) when I use a dildo on her, but never when I'm inside her. Never.

Today's Our Anniversary

Emily said she's going to count how many times I make her cum tonight. And that's how many times I get cum inside her for the next year.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Good Catch

The first time a man cums in your sissy husband's mouth, it's doubtful your sissy will be able to swallow it all. So, catch the rest in a glass so sissy can finish it, driving home the lesson that sissy sluts do not waste a single drop of cum.

"I just want you to try it for a few days, that's all."

She's talking in code, you know, because by a few days she means a few months. Trust me, Emily and I started with a few days, too. And now? I couldn't tell you the last time I was inside her. September? August? I DON'T REMEMBER!

There's nothing sexier than my wife wearing one of my dress shirts...

Except when she wears one of his!

Typos Are Not Tolerated

Your wife's boss had a simple rule, one smack for every typo she made, a rule he instituted a year ago. There's been little improvement in her typing, she averages twenty five a day, almost like she wants him to punish her.

Almost like she knows he gets erect when he spanks her.

Almost like she likes the feel of his cock pressing against her leg...or her crotch.

Almost like she loves his special spankings, the ones he gives her on Friday evenings after the rest of the office has gone home. The special spankings that take more time because between each blow, his hand snakes between her legs and touches her and teases her.

The special spankings that continue as he pushes inside her, a mixture of pain from her red ass and pleasure from her burning pussy.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


It's one thing to disobey your wife, she might, just might, forgive you if you give her a sincere apology.

Disobeying her mother, though, that's an entirely different matter.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Her sissy maid is well trained...

When mistress is entertaining, be it a lover or just some girlfriends, a sissy maid shall not enter the room until she receives permission.

Right over her lap

The worst part of getting spanked liked this is the trouble you'll be in if you squirt on her legs.

Cum Filled Panties

There's no sweeter smell to a cuckold or a sissy.

Signs At The New Dance Club

Just to make sure there are no problems.


He cast a critical eye over my wife, he was very particular about who he took on as a slave, so I just stood in the corner hoping he accepted her. And me.

Been there. Done that. Loved it.

The vibrator was just to tease me, it was set aside after awhile and I got fucked until I came like a girl.

"You two would make such a cute couple."

One of the most erotic things I ever heard someone say about Emily a guy friend of hers. The person saying it didn't realize I was standing behind her, but Emily did, knew I was there, saw the reaction on my face.

Emily's response: Yea, I'm not sure he's the type I'd date...though I bet sex would be amazing.


Punishment Panties