Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's never easy...

"What do you think," Emily asked, coming into the bedroom this afternoon, wearing a short, red dress. The dress she was considering wearing out tonight.

It's never easy, of course, even for a sissy, even for a cuckold. It's never easy when your wife asks you what you think about the dress she is going to wear when she goes out with a girlfriend of hers.

It's never easy when you know they are going to a bar where it's an absolute certainty she will be approached, hit on, where men will try to pick her up.

It's never easy when she's spending the night at her friend's place, when they are both free, to do what they want.

It's never easy when you'll be left home alone, in chastity. Especially when you were drained the night before, so your libido is low, diminished.

But you swallow, look at her, and answer honestly. After all, she wants your honest opinion. One girl to another.

"You look beautiful, Emily," I answered. And she did.

"You're sure? I want to, I don't know, stand out without standing out."

"You'll stand out, trust me."

"Hmmm," she smiled, walked over to me, kissed me. "You're such a doll," she said, running her hand down the front of my satin blouse. "I had fun last night."

That made me blush. Not that I didn't have fun, I did. I very much enjoyed our date last night.

I had asked her out on Wednesday. Asked my wife out on a date. I used those words. "I...I'd like to go out on a date, Friday."

"Okay," she answered right away, "I'd love that...but I don't want to be out too late, remember I'm going out with Kristen on Saturday."

"I...I know," I said biting my lip.


"Friday, can we, I mean, can you...can you unlock me."

She looked at me tenderly. "Yes," she said.

Oh god, oh fucking god. I was on edge, excited, all day yesterday. And before we went out, I could hardly contain myself, almost cried when, as we were getting ready, she came into the room with the key. "Here, sweetie," she said, tenderly unlocking me, removing the cage, and helping me tuck myself into my panties before I could grow.

That night, she came to bed wearing beautiful, stunning, sexy lingerie. But when I moved to kiss her, when I touched her leg, she asked me what I was doing. "I...I thought..."

"Oh. Oh baby, I...I don't want screw..."

"But Emily..."

"Honey, I'm going out tomorrow, I don't want know you get..." I knew what she meant, that if we screwed, I'd get all possessive and I'd NEVER want her to go out tonight.

"Please, I won't. I won't, I promise."

"Sara, no," she shook her head. "You know that's not a good idea. Why don't you just lick me and maybe I'll think about it for next week, okay?"

"Emily, please..."

"Maybe next week, Sara," she said pushing my head downward.

I licked her...of course I licked her. I licked her and licked her. Thinking, now, right now, I can still taste her. And smell her.

Eventually, she got out her dildo vibrator and I fucked her, too. Just not the way I wanted. I fucked her and licked her, and licked it, too. "That's it," she encouraged me, looking me in the eyes as she fed the dildo, the cock into her, out, into my mouth. "That's is, sissy, lick it, suck it, suck his cock."

Finally, the cock was forgotten. By me, anyway, as I licked her and licked her, making her shake, moan, cum. But not by her.

Because several minutes later, I heard it buzzing again. Buzzing, and then touching. Me. Buzzing as she rubbed it against me, first my bulge, then, as I licked her faster and faster, between my legs, against my opening. "He likes watching you lick me," she whispered, pushing, pushing, until she was fucking me.

It took almost no time at all, and never once did her hands touch me, all she did was fuck me with the cock, soon I was dribbling, cumming. She caught it, most of it, and rubbed it all over her pussy.

And I licked up every single drop.

She waited, before we went to sleep, waited until I softened. I slept like I am now, locked again in the chastity cage.

Now she's out, wearing the pretty red dress I helped her pick out. She's out, and I'm here, she's free, and I'm not.

It's never easy, but who said it would be?

It's never easy being a cuckold, but who would want it to be?

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