Thursday, July 19, 2012

Safety First

Ladies, if you're going to go out on a date (of course you are), and are worried about leaving your husband home all alone (you know what he's going to do, don't you), you simply MUST get him a chastity cage.

If you don't, if you leave him alone, unlocked, he's going to think about you out with a man, think about the things you're doing, the things a man is doing to you (all the things your husband can't), and be unable to help himself. He's GOING to masturbate.

And then what? His libido will crash, he'll be overcome with feelings of remorse and jealously, and in all likelihood, get mad at you for cuckolding him (you know, like he BEGGED you to do).

So, avoid that problem, put him in chastity. Go out on your date, secure in the knowledge that when you get home, instead of being angry with you, he'll be on his KNEES begging you to let him lick you clean.

This is first hand advice, take it, use it, be smart, be happy.

Source | Msterg

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