Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Before accepting his marriage proposal, Tiffany made an appointment for him with a doctor. Her doctor. Tiffany wanted to make sure he was healthy, in good shape, and could take what she had planned for him.

"Well, Tiffany," Dr. Nelson said, consulting her chart, "he seems to be in excellent health, so I don't see any reason you can't start.

Tiffany looked at him, still bent over the exam table from the procedure. "He'll be able to, with just, you know..."

Dr. Nelson smiled at Tiffany. "So long as there is sufficient time between releases, typically seven to ten days, yes, prostate stimulation alone will cause a release."

Tiffany tried to contain her excitement at hearing that he would be able to orgasm like a girl. "And the other thing you mentioned, to," she lowered her voice, "to make sure he doesn't do it himself."

"The chastity cage? Yes, I recommend it for all my patients doing this," Dr. Nelson said. "Orgasm control is really the key to pleasurable pegging. We'll have the nurse fit him with a device, the CB6000..." Dr. Nelson looked down at her chart once again. "S. That's the small version, by the way." 

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